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Ultraman Funko Pops Announced including Ultraman Ace, Ultraman, Ultraman Father of Ultra, Ultraman Jack, Kanegon and Baltan

Funko continues their trend of Ultraman Funko Pop figures this time regular products as opposed to the exclusive and Glow-in-the-dark figure and this time we have a LOT of fresh characters and classic villains.

Here’s the breakdown of characters that would be appearing for this wave which I’m totally excited for because they have Ultraman Ace in this wave.

Before that, here’s what Funko also had to say about this Ultraman Funko Pop wave.

Pop! Television—Ultraman
Celebrate the Japanese special effects fantasy series that introduced the world to the Inter Galactic Defense Force by bringing home Pop! Father of Ultra, Pop! Ultraman Jack, Pop! Ultraman Ace, Pop! Kanegon and Pop! Alien Baltan.


Ultraman Father of Ultra Pop! Vinyl Figure

Ultraman Jack Pop! Vinyl Figure

Ultraman Ace Pop! Vinyl Figure

Ultraman Kanegon Pop! Vinyl Figure

Ultraman Alien Baltan Pop! Vinyl Figure

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