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Gen Korean BBQ House Review

Checkout my Gen Korean BBQ House Review if you want a fill of good food, great ambiance and a really nice time with friends or family or loved ones!

If you’ve never heard of Gen, you really should because its the SAME Gen Korean BBQ that’s wildly popular in the States. What happened was they managed to get the brand and all that here and that’s why we have the first store in the PH. But is it really worth going to especially if you’re hailing from the East or North? Find out in this special review for this esteemed Korean BBQ house.


I love the ambiance and overall feel of the place. All of the seats are comfy enough to sit in during meal time. They also have a great stage for bigger party or event. And yes, you can actually book the entire place when you have a big party.

The air-conditioning is just enough too. Not too cold and definitely not too hot. They also have great music here so it’s OK, definitely cozy (sorry I can’t stress that enough).

I also have to comment on where the place is situated. Its in the SM By the Bay and just in front of Conrad Hotel. So the place is perfect for activities in the mall whether you’re doing a family day outing or attending some big event in the nearby SMX Convention Center.


We get a different style of getting food here in Gen Korean BBQ House. In the casual or common Korean BBQ place, you have to stand up and go get the meat from a specific area in the restaurant. You get up, get meat, return to your seat and start cooking your meat. That’s not the case in Gen Korean BBQ House. You tell the staff what type of meal you want, order the meats that are available for your lunch and cook it.

The most expensive meals that you can get will open a total of 40 different meats for you to try and cook. I also like the number of available sides for your

The chapchae here is very delicious. I’ve never had this good chapchae before. If it werent such a cheat to just eat as much chapchae from Gen as possible, I would have done that. But I was trying to get a taste of all their meats and dishes so that was a big no.

Not pictured here (because its not yet available at the time of this visit to the store) are some great seafood stuff like prawns and crabs. They say that too is part of the Php1648 menu choices. But boy oh boy is that something worth testing.


I’ve eaten in a lot of different buffet places and samgyup places in the Metro so I am aware and familiar with how they price their meals here. For this restaurant though, its definitely obvious that they wanted to hit the various markets. We get the basic stuff for P700+ for dinner and lunch and the most expensive would be Php1348 which comes with bottomless drinks.


Gen Korean BBQ House Review – The Verdict


I really love the ambiance and the amount of dishes you can savor and enjoy in Gen Korean BBQ House. Granted its a bit far for the Northeners and easterners but its definitely worth visiting when you’re in the SM Mall of Asia area.

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