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Siargao Resort asks family of deceased guest to pay for the motorcycle damages that killed guest

Some resorts are just super “kapal” like this unnamed resort in Siargao that asked for repair money from the family of their deceased guest who died because of the same motorcycle.

Credits DailyMail

There’s a lot happened in this story but the gist is that the victim, Jack Whitelaw, died after crashing his rented motorcycle on a tree with nails sticking out of it… So naturally Whitelaw’s family flies o we to take care of the body and the travel arrangements.

That’s when the Siargao resort’s representative sent a text message to the deceased man’s father…

In essence what’s happening here is that the repairs for the rented motorcycle was supposed to be charged to the family of the deceased. And they asked for the money at the most inopportune time. The family just started the grieving process after the sudden loss and then the same people who leased out the motorcycle comes calling for damages.

The representative later contacted Paul Whitelaw again, the father, retracting their initial request of payment for the damages moped. But they wanted to clear the air about their responsibility in the accident.

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