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There’s a Giant Dead Yamcha in China

Photos have been shared on social media featuring the classic Dead Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z in Shanghai, China.

So not content that they already have a Dead Yamcha funko pop, we now have an exhibit in Shanghai…

The Dead Yamcha thing has been both an iconic moment in Dragon Ball Z history as well as a running gag for fans of the Akira Toriyama series ever since the episode with the character’s death happened decades ago.

Here’s a refresher on that scene from DBZ via Youtube…

Totally sucked that he had to die at the hands of the least threatening creatures in the melee. It had to be at the hands of the Saibamen creatures that Nappa brought in.

I’ll try to see whether this is the real mccoy or something that some wild fans just decided to go crazy with using Adobe Photoshop!

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