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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offers new arcade mode “Magic Chess”

A thrilling, real-time auto-chess strategy game, with a magical twist, Magic Chess: Bang Bang, has finally arrived in the Philippines.

It opens a new world for players of the already successful Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game and fans of auto-chess games.

Magic Chess is more casual and relaxed compared to the high-intensity of ranked games but despite the more leisurely play style, players need to be sharp and use their wits in order to win.

Beloved heroes from MLBB are transformed into chess pieces and placed on a battlefield where they are matched up against the chosen heroes of another player. Eight players in the match purchase heroes from a random hero pool for each round and form a unique line up of heroes.

Players can combine those heroes to make stronger versions of the same units. Certain types of units get synergy bonuses for being on the field at the same time. Gamers deploy these units, and they fight each other automatically, with no player input involved whatsoever. Units’ stats and special abilities and the way those abilities counter opponents’ units determine who wins and who loses with the winning army dealing damage to the loser’s central health pool. If a player loses all their health, they’re out.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to reign supreme when it comes to offering new and exciting game modes that keep fans coming back for more.

With Magic Chess, players don’t need to go through stressful ranked games, tedious hero training or paying for stats to win; all they need is a good strategy and a little bit of luck to claim final victory and rise in the ranks.

The game has proven to already be popular during its early release with top local streamers. With this, Moonton, the game’s developer, has prepared a special ISR event for Chess TD where fans and viewers alike can get in game rewards by just tuning into their stream.

For more info on the Mobile Legend: Bang Bang’s Magic Chess, follow its official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MobileLegendsOnlinePH/ and keep up with the most anticipated arcade game within MLBB.


About Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. Ltd.

Moonton is a company founded in 2014 with headquarters in Shanghai, China. Currently, Moonton has more than 300 employees in Shanghai, Beijing, Hefei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. Moonton focuses on global mobile game market, develop and publish games themselves. Being one of the fastest growing companies in China, Moonton is the No. 1 Chinese company which has the most players outside China. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is their current star game and the leading mobile MOBA game worldwide.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the most popular mobile MOBA game in the world. It has over 500 million installs and 75 million Monthly Active Users. Due to its fast growth, it has reached the top 10 grossing rank in more than 50 countries. It is a MOBA, which covers most countries, including Southeast Asia, Middle East and India. In total, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has reached 135 countries/regions, localized in 25 languages and operated in more than 700 servers to make sure the game runs smoothly.

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