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X-Force Unwittingly Creates a Different King of Omega Sentinel (X-Force # 6)

Spoilers up for X-Force # 6 by Benjamin Percy and Stephen Segovia and it deals with the mutants tampering with something that will eventually kill them.

OK, so a little context. Omega Sentinel is both referred to as a former member of the X-Men and one of the villains in Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X. In one of the futures for the mutants, she’s seen to be helping out the mutant machine killer Nimrod. And now in the X-Force books, it looks like Beast and company’s tampering with the geopolitical status has pushed their opponents to evolve as well.

For this issue…

Spoiler alert.

spoiler alert photo

So Professor X continues to gain support for countries around the world to recognize Krakoa as a mutant nation. His next stop is Terra Verde with the president signing the agreement but doesn’t want to anymore because they were attacked by these weird cyborg plant creatures…

Black Tom Cassidy saves Charles Xavier but the president’s son has been kidnapped. Beast and Jean Grey pay the president a visit to learn more about this and they organize an ops for the X-Force team including Wolverine, Jean Grey, Domino and Quintin Quire. Sage and Beast run the operation from behind the scenes.

Jean stays behind to burn out all the evidence left behind as ordered by Beast while Wolverine, Domino and Quire set off to “rescue” the President’s son. Unfortunately it turns out that the son is actually a part of this terrorist cell and has even rewired his body to become a full-fledged member. Their goal too is to stop the president from aligning with Krakoa. They do manage to take him down and bring him back to Krakoa where Beast studies him and experiments with his genetics.

After the tampering, they send him back to the president as a vegetable though.

Unknown to anybody, the tampering unlocked the power to actually reach the same levels as that of the Omega Sentinel… The issue ends in a somber tone with the son leaving and now completely all Terminator-ed up.

Moral of the story, don’t tamper with things that you don’t have full knowledge of. It’s also classic Hank McCoy hubris. Remember, this was also the same mutant “leader” who went ahead and brought the Original Five back to the present time to convince the very-terrorist-y Cyclops to stop his “revolution”.

Let’s see where this will take the mutants. Also we need to get more of the series’ main villain, the mysterious masked man who operated on Domino and succeeded in assassinating Charles Xavier.

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2 Responses

  1. Lawless says:

    This is such nonsense. Didn’t Hank reprimand Cyclops and Wolverine for creating X-force before? He was so against the idea of X-men killing others. Now they made him do this. This is so against his character. All his character down the flush. Just like what they did to x-23/wolverine

    • Fanboy SEO says:

      I feel you. I was looking for that issue in Uncanny where he called out Scott’s BS for making X-Force then he quits, just can’t remember the exact issue, just to make a point

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