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Some heartbreaking stories of Healthy Chinese getting prejudiced by Filipinos over the Novel Corona Virus

Ok this blog post is going to be touchy yet trending. And I’m posting this to remind myself and YOU dear readers that Chinese tourists are people too. No matter the bias and loathing some of their countrymen have done to us, there are still good people out there. Here are some truly heartbreaking stories posted on Facebook and collated by NerdRage’s boss Adrian Arcega.

Chinese parent and kids feels stigma…

Sorry Don’t be Mad

I just want to go to Poblacion

Reading these stories really dropped my frustration over the antics of some of the mainlanders to a substantial level. They are human beings, they have feelings too and even if some of us are annoyed with how entitled they act, you can’t deny that don’t deserve this. Not all of them are infected. Some are just as scared of the NCoV as we are. What we need right now is kindness and compassion and a helping hand.

To end this post, let me quote Deku from My Hero Academia.

It’s like All-Might said… Giving help that’s not asked for… is what makes a true hero!” – Izuku Midoriya

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