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Spies in Disguise Review

If you want comedic buddy spy films with A-list Hollywood and a kooky plot then you need to read this Spies in Disguise review.

The film stars Will Smith as Lance Sterling and Tom Holland as Walter Beckett two unwitting individuals who must team up together to save the world, clear Sterling’s name and find friendship all at the same time.

I went to this with very low expectations and left the screening wildly amused.

The bane AND boon of this film is how it shares a lot of similarities with Holland and Smith’s recent films namely Spider-Man: Far From Home and Smith’s Gemini Man. You can check that at the spoiler Segment of this Spies in Disguise review.

Top notch animation for this animated film and I had more fun with the action scenes here than in other recent action movies I’ve seen; thanks to a steady camera and ditching the whole “the camera shakes to make it realistic”.

The fight scenes shares the tone of the movie and embraces Walter’s pacifist approach to dealing with tech during missions. At the start it’s all bone breaking, bombs exploding and things getting destroyed. By the end of the film though, we see that things significantly change and audience gets treated to a different kind of climatic action. One that kids can actually enjoy.

The music here was OK and need I remind you that the Fresh Prince is back again rapping for his movie. He hasn’t done this since Men in Black 3 IIRC. We get a few funny moments using bits of popular music too.

Speaking of funny, there were lots of actually funny scenes in Spies in Disguise. Some where intentional others were unintentional. Either way, I actually had a great time in terms of laughs in this film.

My gripe for the film is the rating they gave it. It’s rated G when it should be PG at the very least because man oh man, when this feature wants to be dark it can go very dark. And we’re talking about a film with talking pigeons it.

Apart from death scenes and implied murder there are a bunch of implied nude scenes. Something that may have been added in for the sake of a joke or two.

Spies in Disguise Review – Verdict


The movie was awesome. It’s even better than some spy films that’s been released in the last few years. They even have killer openings and closing moments teasing bigger things for this series. Great comedic lines from Tom Holland and Will Smith. Great vibe and lots of actually funny moments. Move over James Bond here comes James Baby-Hand.

Be wary though of dark freaking moments throughout the movie which will make you question the MTRCB rating for this. Seriously.

Special thanks to AOC Monitors, 20th Century Fox PH and Disney Studios Philippines.

Spoiler Segment

Here are a number of similar elements:

Will Smith looking for a man who wears his face.

Thousands of killer drones are part of this film ala FFH.

Control of the drones is the point of contention for Walter and the character known as Robot Hand.

Smith’s double is a product of his past.

Bunch of people being stuck in a place and getting this close to being killed by drones in a few more moments.

They went to Venice and had a major scene there. Venice, the birth place of Night Monkey.

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