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How Shredder Became the Green Ranger Shredder

Pretty great crossover story happening in MMPR/TMNT with two issues already out and a third one coming February, we want to stop and look at  how Shredder became the Green Ranger Shredder in this book.

In issue # 1, we find out that Tommy Oliver has ditched the Power Rangers and has been missing for a few weeks. It turns out he’s now working for the Foot Clan and managed to get a massive win against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. To prove his loyalty and graduating to the next level, he steals a device for the Foot Clan and that’s when the Turtles and the Power Rangers fight.

Tommy escapes and gets a promotion.

In issue 2 of the crossover from IDW Publishing and written by Ryan Parrott, its revealed that Tommy has a secret mission that he didn’t bother telling his teammates. He wants to reign in his friend Tyler from the Foot Clan before things go bad for him.

He nabs Tyler and tries to escape with him but he is betrayed by the very person he came to rescue.

When Tommy wakes up, he finds himself inside the Technodrome, a prisoner of the Shredder. He tried to even out the odds by transforming into the Green Ranger too…

The change of hands of the Power Coin was also noticed by Rita Repulsa and so together with her lackeys teleports to the Technodrome where they even encounter Bebop and Rocksteady as well as Shredder himself.

Before anything though, Shredder uses Tommy’s morpher and becomes the Green Ranger Shredder…

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