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Rumors: Roy Harper has been cast for Titans season 3

Reports are coming in that DC Universe has already found an actor who would be playing the Titans’ resident archer Arsenal for Titans season 3.

No word yet on who the actor would be but it’s a safe bet that he will get the part right.

Titans season 3 has been already greenlit so production should be getting up soon.

In the comics Roy Harper was part of the founding members of the Teen Titans together with Dick Grayson Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and Kid Flash.

He stayed with the team for awhile and at the same time doing adventures with his mentor Green Arrow.

He also served as a leader for the grown up version of the founding Teen Titans members called the Titans together with Nightwing.

Also worked with the Outsiders and joined the Justice League as Red Arrow…

It was during his Red Arrow days that he lost his arm in a fight with Prometheus…

He later got a cybernetic replacement and got crazy especially after the death of his daughter Lian.

In the New 52, Harper is frequently seen with Jason Todd and Starfire as they call themselves the Outlaws.

Harper also joined the DC Rebirth version of the Titans after Wally West resurfaced.

In the TV series Arrow, Harper is played by Colton Haynes for a number of seasons.

This would be the second time we get a Roy Harper for live action TV.

What do you guys think? Who could they have cast as Arsenal?

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