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X-23, Darwin and Sync Lead a Mission to the unknown in X-Men # 5

Marvel continues to hype up the main X-Men book with a great looking teaser for X-Men # 5 which ships out 29th of January.

In the teaser above we can see three X-Men members we haven’t seen in active duty for quite sometime now and X-23 who’s been killing people together with Kwannon/Psylocke and Cable in Fallen Angels.

These two other mutants are Darwin and Sync and they have been ordered by the Quiet Council to investigate a new world, namely the new extension of Krakoa that recently stuck together in X-Men # 2.

The interesting bit here is the diverse Powers that each mutant has. X-23 has her “dad’s” mutant healing factor, Darwin can adapt to anything and Sync can copy mutant powers near him.

This is pretty exciting to be honest. Can’t wait to see how this will lead.

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