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The Witcher S1E2 Review – Four Marks

The Witcher S1E2 review – “Four Marks” starring Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and more. Directed by Alik Sakharov

There may be some slight spoilers for this review so be wary.

For this episode we are introduced to Yennefer of Vengerberg as well as Geralt’s Bard friend Dandelion. Ciri get some bit of respite after her escape from Citra while Geralt accepts a job to find a devil in the wilderness.

The entire episode is one giant exposition and world builder and I am totally ok with that.

It gives us a history on Geralt’s greatest love Yennefer and her beginnings as a deformed commonfolk who gets bought for four marks and gets shipped off to Hogwarts (I’m kidding). Its her experiences in this school for witches that Yennefer truly understands what she is and she has to become which I thought was a good story beat.

Geralt is also on an exposition trip with Dandelion as we get to see a softer side to the Butcher after the intense moment from episode 1. Not only do we see him interact with one of his future allies, he also shows how good he is when it comes to handling sensitive political and racial problems. And the episode was smartly written in such a way that they were hitting two birds with one stone. Plus there’s also the interesting Dandelion (refered to as Jaskier and played by Joey Batey)

Oh by the way that song at the end was just gorgeous, hand-in-hand with the dialogue with an annoyed Geralt saying that’s not what happened…

Ciri’s plot and story beat is the one thats most Game of Thrones-y. Hers is a story about survival and guilt and mourning and how politics affects the lives of everybody. Also goddamn violent moment, this film is definitely out for GoT’s blood. Only the writing team won’t screw up in the final season.

For this The Witcher S1E2 review, I have to say that Henry Cavill continues to impress. If you’re a fan of the game and the novel then you’ll clearly see how the former Man of Steel transformed into the White Wolf. He’s ascended into the role especially in those tense moments with the surprise “baddies” for this episode.

As I mentioned earlier, this was all about Yennefer. It’s nice to see her transform from the shy witch to one that’s slowly embracing her destiny. And that’s not only the thing that she slowly sheds as we see her sensuality come into play. This has served her well both in the books and the games. Why’d you think she’d wear those tight corset and that bosom bearing dress. It’s part of her MO and the series, Four Marks particularly gives us a peek into that. Anya Chalotra definitely was a good choice for Netflix Yennefer.

I’m still warming up with Ciri and the actress who plays her Freya Allan but with what she’s doing with her character, it seems like a slow burn but we’ll eventually really love the character. Remember how that was the same in “The Wild Hunt”?

The Witcher S1E2 review – Verdict


Still good but one of those slow burn, exposition episodes.

The Witcher is now streaming on Netflix.

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