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Is Marvel Developing their Own Harry Potter with Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme?

Marvel’s Twitter account spiked some curiosity over their latest teaser which hints at a magic school led by Doctor Strange with the reveal happening March 2020.

The teaser image you see above has the words “Application Due: March 2020” and features a sigil with the colors red, blue and gold on it. Doctor Strange’s trademark “Eye of Agamotto” is clearly seen at the very top of this sigil/ medallion and on top of the mystical eye are the words “Electi Carent Electione” which roughly means “The chosen lack choice”.

So what does this mean and what are the connections to the current Doctor Strange volume? Well for starters, Mark Waid’s Doctor Strange book will be relaunched (again) in December with Waid and Kev Walker.



  • Written by MARK WAID
  • Art by KEV WALKER
  • Cover by PHIL NOTO
  • The impossible has happened! Doctor Strange’s hands have been healed, restoring his surgical skills – but now he’s being torn between his obligations as the Sorcerer Supreme and as a neurosurgeon. And when he’s forced to choose which vows to uphold, who suffers most for it? After all, magic always has a cost…Be here for a brand new era of magic…and horror from Mark Waid (HISTORY OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE) and Kev Walker (BLACK PANTHER)!

Well for starters, we could be seeing a potential “Harry Potter”-esque book come March 2020 with Stephen Strange playing headmaster for this school for magic. His Sanctum can be a great place as a school and we’ve seen just how many people the place can accomodate at any given time (just ask the New Yorkers who were evacuated during the events of War of the Realms).

What do you guys think of this new teaser? Will this be a possible new school with fresh new characters?

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