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New Justice League art calls all the heroes minus the actual League

Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez builds up a truly epic Justice League run with the war against the Legion of Doom hitting a fever pitch. The duo even recently teased a bad-ass art featuring all the gathered heroes…

We have everybody here from the Justice Society of America or JSA to the Teen Titans to the Green Lanterns.

But the biggest question from this teaser image for the book is this. Where are the core members of the Justice League?

In the current story, the main members of the team have taken different missions. The trinity composed of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman went to the future and met various characters including Kamandi and even the Justice League 3,000,000. Meanwhile Green Lantern John Stewart and The Flash, Barry Allen went back to the past to collect the other piece of equipment they would need to stop Apex Lex Luthor and Perpetua. It’s in this timeline that we meet the Justice Society of America!

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