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Deathbird Returns (New Mutants # 2)

We’re getting more and more classic X-Men characters appearing in the X-Books and this time, in New Mutants # 2’s ending, we find that Deathbird returns.


So when we last left the newly reformed New Mutants, they wanted to get back Cannonball who was the only missing member of the original team. Along the way they got double crossed and ditched by the Starjammers in space and we find the team in space prison, awaiting sentencing.

They did get the guilty verdict but is quickly saved by the person they went off in search of, Cannonball together with his wife Smasher.

The team is then reunited briefly before Cannonball’s wife Smasher gets word that Gladiator, the current Majestor of the Shiar Empire, requires manpower to go and pickup somebody important for the future of the Shi’ar Empire. It appears that Kalark plans to abdicate sometime in the future in favor of the new character Xandra.

And because Xanda is still young and inexperienced, she needs to be groomed in the ways of running an empire and acting like royalty and that can only taught by Lilandra’s sister Deathbird, which is the same person the New Mutants need to gather in another part of space.

Things are going to be interesting from this point forward. There’s even that cover for issue 4 which features a fight between Sunspot and Cannonball against Deathbird.

Deathbird first appeared in Ms. Marvel (vol. 1) #9 (1977) and is the sister of Lilandra and D’Ken. She was stripped of her name after she was prophesied to be the bringer of great evil. She also killed her sister and mother sometime later. Through the decades, she’s allied with a lot of different supervillains but briefly went on a relationship with the X-Man known as Bishop. They even have an alternate reality daughter together.

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