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Marvel Introduces Captain America 2099 as Roberta Mendez

While I still think this is totally going to be junked sometime in the future, Marvel has gone on the record to say that the 2099 future is the absolute future for Marvel. That would mean Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099, is officially the future Spider-Man. This also means that whoever assumes the mantle of a hero in 80 years time would be the definitive character for now. Case in point, Roberta Mendez aka Captain America 2099.

According to a recent storyline, Miguel gets blasted to the past once more and meets up with our era’s Spider-Man. Peter Parker and O’Hara discuss some things about the future and as they talk, we get some interesting bit of exposition where we also see some of the Marvel heroes in action.

And it looks like Captain America 2099 will be busy leading the Avengers as we clearly see Hercules working side by side with the future Cap.

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