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Thoughts on Pop Expo 2019

We take time to talk about the Pop Expo 2019 which was held at the Eastwood City and sponsored by Warner TV and Flipgeeks.

For starters, the place is a big shift from the previous place which was Bonifacio High Street. It gets to be more chill and less taxing on the feet. You want to focus on the geek stuff, then you can go to the activity area.

Speaking of the activities, the place was spacious enough even with a bigger crowd moving about.

There’s a good balance of shops and activity booths that were present during the event like Long Live Play who was up and about with their goodies. You can also check out the other stuff from this list.

Gaming was also an integral part of the one-day event and for this outing, Pop Expo 2019 organizers brought in Mobile Legends Bang Bang…

And I tell you, Filipinos will always be Mobile Legends country.

Guests can also get their own shirts and experience how that gets printed with this neat little gimmick they cam up this year. Pass holders can bring home their own shirts that they printed themselves to make their visit to Pop Expo more memorable.

We also get some fun activities that spanned the entire afternoon like the archery attack, which has been a staple with the event.

There’s also a ton of merch that I really would have enjoyed (if I had the money). These were of course brought to us from our friends from DC Superheroes Cafe.

Between what was visibly available and the bevy of speakers that will be appearing on stage, I really think Pop Expo 2019 was a great event. It kinda went on a reboot of sorts opting to go from one venue to another but that transfer helped pave the way for a better experience. The organizers definitely hit the right spots on their idea of making an experiential type of geek convention.

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