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Thomas Wayne Batman vs The Bat-Family (Batman # 81 Spoilers)

Major Batman #81 spoilers for this post as we take a look at the Thomas Wayne Batman vs The Bat-Family fight which is also 7th chapter of the ongoing City of Bane storyline for the DC Comics flagship book.

So to recap, Robin got captured by Bane and his thugs and ends up with his grandfather Thomas Wayne. This is also the issue where Alfred Pennyworth gets killed by Bane via breaking his neck. Damian Wayne is visibly shaken with what he saw but continues to be kept under chain by his grandfather.

In this issue, Robin’s still in this predicament but he shows his ace…

Thomas Wayne is then flanked by the rest of the Bat-Family…

In this fight, the Batman family take turns beating up the Flashpoint Batman while they talk about their group decision on what to do as the “soften” the older Wayne for the return of Bruce Wayne…

Love the fact that Thomas Wayne came prepared for this scenario. He even picks himself up and chastise Bruce Wayne for involving children in his “war on crime”. And that’s when he begins to fight back, systematically taking down each member of the Bat-Family.

The  elderly Batman finishes off each Bat-family, takes off his cowl and gets ready for tea.

He ends the issue again claiming that he is “The Batman”.

This issue also teases the start of the fight between Bane and Batman with Catwoman as they have returned to Gotham City after some time away and with the latest caper stealing from the criminal Magpie. This also gave them the time for Batman to recuperate and find himself after the terrible beating Batman got from Bane and Thomas Wayne in Wayne Manor.

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