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Skip the holiday rush! 5 reasons why you should shop online this season

Christmas may still be a few months away, but there’s no doubt that the holiday season is officially upon us. Unless you’ve been pulling a Grinch, we’re sure you can hear it in the blasting holiday playlists and see it in the welcoming, twinkling lights of your favorite shops by now.

As jolly and merry the holiday season in the country is, it is also—undeniably so—one of the most stressful. Road traffic gets heavier. After the painful hours of crawling commute, the same traffic moves inside the malls as hordes of people go about the task of completing their Christmas shopping lists.

It is during this season when the perks of online shopping can be such a saving grace. Filipinos may love going to malls by nature, but let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t want to be saved from the Christmas shopping frenzy if given the chance?

Thinking of finishing your holiday shopping list as early as now? Here are all the reasons why you should consider online shopping:


  1. You can browse for gifts for as long as you want online.

Shopping is all fun and games until you have to deal with worries of finishing everything before you get caught up in the rush hour. Shopping online gives you the freedom to browse for gifts for as long as you want without feeling pressured to finish a certain time to avoid the busy mall crowd.


  1. You have all the time to research about the products in your shopping cart.

Not sure if one product is better than the other? One of the best things about online shopping is that you can easily check for reviews and make product comparisons before hitting that Buy Now button.


  1. You save yourself from traffic.

Do we really need to elaborate on this further? Two words: holiday rush. Save yourself from the torture of spending hours stuck in traffic by shopping wherever and whenever—preferably at home.


  1. …And long lines

Who wants to spend hours waiting in line for their turn to pay at the cashier? For many, that’s enough of a reason to turn back and drop their shopping mission in the first place. Shopping online ultimately saves you from this torture. Just click Add to Cart, Buy Now, and you’re good to go.


  1. Online shopping basically just saves you from all kinds of stress.


From the moment you’re surfing online for your gifts up to the time it gets delivered to your doorstep, you literally don’t have to think and do much when you shop online. On top of that, you also have the option to explore other flexible payment options when you make your purchases over the web.


Take for example Home Credit. In addition to providing installment loans in their physical partner stores, it has also recently become available at online stores like Abenson and Argomall where you can get products in friendly installment deals. All you need to do is visit the website, check if your item is covered by Home Credit, and fill up a form. Every step of the process is done online, from proving your identity to choosing the terms of your loan. An SMS will then be sent to your number confirming the status of your application, and advising you how you can retrieve your order.

Shopping for something as special as the holidays doesn’t need to be stressful. Shop online. We’re sure Santa won’t feel bad if you use a little bit of technology for your gift list.

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