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Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze Conjures own “Mjolnir” to Fight Thor (Avengers # 25)

The final chapter of the challenge of the Ghost Rider is now out and we get an interesting moment when Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze goes one on one with Thor; even conjuring his own “Mjolnir”.

So in this story, the Avengers finally reach the pocket of hell where Robbie Reyes aka Ghost Rider gets sent into; its also the realm where Blaze is king. As the race is still ongoing, the Avengers help out their teammate win it. Blade and Thor confront Blaze directly with Blade even chopping Blaze’s ride.

Rider gets pinned down by Mjolnir but escapes and materializes nearby where he summons the wreckage of his chopper to create something surprising, a hammer.

This is a surprise considering that the Blaze and all the other past Ghost Riders like Danny Ketch and even Robbie Reyes himself have been using chains as their main weapon. It’s a shock.

The major bummer in Avengers # 25 is the fact that the cool hammer fight between Thor and Ghost Rider happens off-panel and we never see how Thor will fare against a hellfire fueled hammer.

The last time we see Ghost Rider’s new hammer is with him being carried away by his demonic minions to catch up with Robbie is his ship.

Man, I feel like a minority here, but I really want to see a new Marvel Legends Ghost Rider with this hammer. It just looks so cool in my opinion.

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