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Transcend DrivePro Body 60 Review

Today we will be doing our Transcend DrivePro Body 60 review. It’s a business level body camera that’s perfect for professionals whether its for police or traffic.

First off, the specs:

The DrivePro Body 60 is IP67-rated for water and dust protection, making it safe to use outdoors. It is also shock resistant.

  • Suitable for law enforcement and public safety professionals
  • Bluetooth connectivity for basic setup and switching modes
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enables live streaming of videos on iOS and Android devices via the mobile app
  • MP4 (H.264) video format
  • GPS AssistNow feature accelerates GPS positioning
  • Password protection
  • Loop recording support
  • Buffering mode captures footage while saving on storage space
  • Team sync enables other cameras in the same group to automatically enter recording mode when one body camera enters recording mode from buffering mode
  • Bluetooth wakeup enables other cameras in the same group to automatically enter recording mode from off status when one body camera enters recording mode
  • Vibration alerts reminds uses of recording in progress every one minute
  • Stealth mode disables light indicators, buzzer, and vibrator
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Compatible with DrivePro Body Toolbox & Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Conforms to US military MIL-STD-810G 516.6 drop test standards
  • CE, FCC, BSMI, NCC, and MIC certified
  • Includes 3.5mm to USB cable, adapter, belt pouch, adhesive mount, and clip mount
  • TAA compliant

What’s in the box:

Transcend DrivePro Body 60 1080p Body Camera with 64GB Internal Memory, 3.5mm to USB Cable, Adapter, Belt Pouch, Adhesive Mount, Clip Mount, Limited 2-Year Warranty

The Design

The design for the DrivePro Body 60 is one that picks tactical and functional above anything else.

The matte finish isnt just for show too as it makes the product easy to hold or grip especially in tight or action-packed moments.

The cord for the camera is also durable but not that durable. It could be prone to getting cut during tense situations, so the alternative is oack it as tightly as possible.

Transcend also designed the camera to be as functional as possible with the LED light situated on top to make you see whether your still recording or not at a glance. No need to stop what you’re doing just to check.

The Good

For this DrivePro Body 60 review, I took the unit out for a spin several times including during an Angkas ride from work to an event.

The camera looked and felt sturdy enough; that’s the most important thing for body cameras too. While I never did actively look for some bumps that could test the durability of the mounted camera, the bike trip to Megamall sure had a few surprises where this got tested.

There are a variety of ways you can mount the camera. You can either mount the camera via a clip or through the adhesive that comes along with the box. During my review period, I stuck with just the clip which can be snugly placed in your backpack strap as seen above. In fact, if you’re the urban commuter and not a police officer, mounting on the backpack is the best way to go.

For comic book geeks, you’ll definitely feel like Marvel’s War Machine…


Also during this test run, IT RAINED. And I’m happy to report that the splashproofing worked very, very well.

Transcend also bundled in a leather pouch that fits the main device whixh you can put on your belt. Did not give me a problem on those several bike rides.


Connecting or moving files from the unit to your phone oe PC is also a breeze. Download the DrivePro app on Play or iTunes and just pair the devices via Bluetooth to get started.

Controlling via the app will also save you a hell of a lot of time.

Manually operating the camera is easy but it could get hairy from time to time. In my case, this was my first foray into using a body camera so it got confusing.

Photos Anywhere Anytime

At one point, I found myself with no juice for the bodycam. Rather than turn back and wait for a full charge, the USB cord can be stuck in a powerbank. While Transcend may or may not want you to do this, this is defnitely a possibility you can do when the going gets tough.

At least you get your photos and videos anytime and anywhere.

Sample Shots

Here are some of the sample shots I took with the Body 60 for this DrivePro Body 60 review.


Don’t expect super crystal clear shots wth the Body 60. Its not built for taking really romantic shots but built to join police officers on patrol or in action. The output though is serviceable for both video and photo.

This body camera’s chord is a small problem for me especially since I’m usng the product as a daily driver for commuting around Metro Manila.

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