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5 Pinoy Things that could have appeared in the Archie and Friends Travel # 1 Variant

Its time to wave that Pinoy pride flag once again as the Philippines makes an appearance as a variant cover for Archie and Friends Travel # 1.

So yeah its cool that we get to see Archie Andrews and the rest of his gabg as drawn by Miguel Mercado but I wanted a bit more. Not like its not screaming Philippines with things like isaw, halo-halo and the Rizal monument in the background.

Here are 5 other Pinoy things that could have appeared in Archie and Friends travel # 1…

1. Balot

If there was ever a starter pack for newly returned Pinoys and ex-pats, it would always include balut.

2. That DMCI building

Credits: ABS-CBN

Since that eye sore of a condo will operate despite public opinion, why not add that in the cover. We have gotten used to it making an appearance in anything related to Rizal Park.

3. Betamax

Credits: Esquire

Why stop at isaw? The betamax or pig blood is such an underrated fixture in the Pinoy street food culture. Making an appearance in such a big deal of a cover could help raise awareness on what it is. Or hell, it could open the floodgates for the other uniquely Filipino street dishes.

4. UV Express/ Jeeps

Would be really cool if we saw a jeepney or a UV express somewhere there. That’s a stretch but hey, we are looking at iconic Filipino stuff here and whether you love jeepneys or hate them, they are a staple in our road.

5. Jollibee!

Jollibee is becoming a juggernaut these days opening stores left and right including Calgary. Seeing a small bit of the bee in this awesome artwork could mean a lot. It could also bump up the various collectibles based on Jollibee.

What are the other Filipino stuff that you wish for the cool Archie and Friends Travel # 1 cover by Miguel Mercado. You can also join the Comic Odyssey group to see how you could pre-order this variant cover from Archie Comics.

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