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Excalibur # 1 Teaser Reveals Apocalypse and his Evil Plans

Marvel has released a new Excalibur # 1 teaser which teases a quick heel turn for Apocalypse…

Check out the Excalibur # 1 teaser from Marvel below:

excalibur # 1

In this Excalibur # 1 teaser, we see the words “Some Mutants are Never Satisfied” with Apocalypse with his back on the audience, while looking at the mutants gathered in what looks like this new mutant island which could be the end product of whatever happens at the end of House of X # 6 and Powers of X # 6. Apocalypse recently turned up in Krakoa and made an alliance with Charles Xavier and Magneto.

Apocalypse also made a big impact in the early issues of Powers of X where it was revealed that it was the reality where Moira McTaggert allied herself with Apocalypse instead of Professor X or Magneto. It was her that Apocalypse sacrificed himself to revive only to be killed at the hands of Wolverine.

Apocalypse was already revealed to be a member of this new X-Men team, which was a 90s team operating in the UK with characters like Kitty Pryde, Meagan, Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain and Nightcrawler.


The legendary X-Men title Excalibur returns in October, with a new series written by Tini Howard (Age of Conan: Belit, Thanos) and drawn by Marcus To (Age of X-Man: NextGen, X-Men Blue). From the press release:

A new day is forged! Mutantkind has always been special…as has their relationship with the world—or WORLDS—around them. As this new era dawns, a new connection forms between mutants and the magic of the world… and that of Otherworld! Can the new Captain Britain forge a new way through the chaos with her companions Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Rictor…and Apocalypse?!?

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