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“Ayoko sa plastic” online stickers promote DOT’s sustainable tourism advocacy

MANILA – The Department of Tourism (DOT) voiced out “Ayoko sa plastic” through a set of online stickers that promote sustainable tourism.

“Ayoko sa plastic” is one of their online stickers that can be downloaded and used on Viber and Instagram accounts to send responsible and sustainable tourism messages to your friends and/or loved ones.

With most Filipinos online, DOT took advantage of the situation to boost awareness using everyday expressions, and puns, partnered with stylized illustrations, that discuss environmentalism with a twist to regular online conversations.

Lines like “Pawikana babe”, “Punong-puno na ako,” “Leaf it alone” and “Fish be with you” as well as everyday Filipino expressions like “Ingat” and “Apir”, are only a few of the things that are featured. The sticker pack also features animal species in the country, including the iconic Philippine eagle, the tarsier and so much more.

These stickers were made available on Viber and Instagram to instill environmentalism as well as reminding all travelers and tourists of their responsibilities while exploring the Philippines or simply enjoying nature.

DOT aims to show that achieving sustainable tourism is as simple as respecting nature and maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings, and respecting cultures or following rules, among others.

Through these stickers, the DOT hopes to start discussions on sustainability for the country’s natural and cultural resources and show that simple acts of sharing these messages to friends or family will make a big difference and impact the future of the tourism industry.

To join the fun for sustainable tourism, download the stickers for free at this link: https://stickers.viber.com/pages/tourismph?redir=1. The DOT viber stickers will be available for a month starting September 26.

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