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Jowable now showing!

From a viral hit short film to a best-selling book, JOWABLE is now ready to hit it big on the big screen!

Likable. Lovable. Jowable. But no JOWA! This is the sad fate of Elsa (Kim Molina), a 30-something No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth girl, who wishes for a love life and a boyfriend. She’s pretty, sexy and funny. Although her drinking habit gets out of control sometimes, she is not a bad catch at all. So what is wrong with her?! What does her mother Liberty (Kakai Bautista), who changes boyfriend as often as she changes clothes, and her happily in love friend Karissa (Cai Cortez) have that she doesn’t? Her only wish in life: SANA ALL can easily get a boyfriend. SANA ALL can be happily in love.

Despite being surrounded and supported by friends, Elsa still feels miserable and envious of every couple she sees. Finally, Lady Luck smiles upon her and she meets a guy, and the attraction is instantly mutual. Is this the love she’s been waiting for all her life? Will this be the happiness she has been searching for, or will she find her happiness somewhere else?

Posted on Vincentiments’ Facebook page in 2018, JOWABLE is a short film written and directed by Darryl Yap. Many people were able to relate to Elsa’s sentiments, and the video hit 1 million views overnight, and the Vincentiments page instantly hit 100,000 likes.

Darryl Yap made two more short films for the JOWABLE series, before he turned it into a novel. The book was released last March this year, and was also an instant hit.

Originally a Theatre writer and director, Darryl Yap only started making short films in 2017. His first short film “Squatterina” was screened at the North Luzon Film Festival, where he became the first to win the Best Director award. “Squatterina” was also chosen as the Philippine delegate for the Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards in Taiwan, and it is now recognized as one of the 10 Best Short Films of National Commission for Culture and the Arts | Cinema Rehiyo for the 1st 10 years. Other award-winning short films by Darryl Yap are Oyayi, Bago ako Lumipad and Ellipsis.

Darryl Yap is also the creator of the Facebook page Vincentiments, where the viral Jowable video is posted. A wordplay on his Cinematographer/Editor’s name Vincent Asis, this is where Darryl posts his raw, hard-hitting short films. Aside from Jowable, the Vincentiments page boasts of other viral short films such as “Bes”, “Mga Bagay na Hindi na Dapat Pag-usapan” and the “Kung Pwede Lang” series.

From short film, to a novel, now Darryl Yap makes his first full-length film debut with JOWABLE. Elsa is portrayed by the talented Kim Molina, who previously worked with Darryl Yap for the short film “BossaBoss”, a part of Vincentiments’ Kung Pwede Lang series.

Kim Molina had her professional theatre debut in 2013 when she was included in the cast for Disney’s Tarzan. She then played the role of Frieda in Carrie the Musical, and Louise in the musical stage adaptation of the movie Ghost. In 2014, Kim got her first lead role as Aileen in the hit Pinoy Musical Rak of Aegis, where she was awarded Best Actress in a Musical by Gawad Buhay. She is also an in-demand actress for television, playing noteworthy roles like Savannah in Kadenang Ginto, and Billet in The General’s Daughter. In 2016, Kim Molina got her first movie lead role in the hit film Camp Sawi, with Bela Padilla, Arci Munoz, Yassi Pressman and Andi Eigenmann.

Aside from acting, Kim Molina is also a singer, and she won Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist at the 2017 Awit Awards for her debut single “Naluluha Ako” under VIVA Records.

For JOWABLE, Kim also performed the movie’s official soundtrack, with the same title. Only a day after the music video’s release, it already reached over 60,000 views.

Audiences will be in for a roller coaster of emotions as Darryl Yap explores further into the life, misery, despair, hope and happiness of a Jowable in this full-length movie.

Find out who, what and where Elsa will find her happiness when JOWABLE opens in cinemas nationwide on September 25.

Proudly and happily presented to you by VIVA FILMS.

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