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Is Marvel Planning Something Big with Apocalypse Next Year?

Apocalypse, the first mutant in the Marvel Universe, plays an integral role in Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X. But did you guys stop and think that he’s being groomed for bigger things?

In the pages of Marvel Comics # 1000, there’s a segment which features Apocalypse and him remembering his “First” Horsemen which was written by Jonathan Hickman with frequent collaborator Dustin Weaver…

And since this is Hickman who wrote the story, you can expect to see it being tied to the writer’s current run on X-Men; we even get to see another segment of this in a recent issue of House of X, when we flashback to the time Xavier and Douglock talk about developing the mutant island Krakoa into a new home for all the mutants in the world.

It looks like during an invasion in the Okkara, it was Apocalypse and his original horsemen that stopped the invaders and kept the world safe.

Also, the Twilight Sword makes an appearance again in this flashback. This weapon is slowly becoming an important part of a new lore for Marvel Comics.

And it looks like there’s a whole yin/yang setup for Krakoa with his/its twin Arrako, who has yet to make an appearance in the X-Books.


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