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The PSEU Announces The Final Roster For Sibol

It has been a gruelling week for the 77-strong training pool for Sibol, the Philippine team that will represent the country in the esports medaled events of the 30th SEA Games. Invited athletes and those who got past the online qualifiers had the chance to play together during the past few days and during the Sibol National Pool Combine event, all the while the respective coaches and managers of the six esports titles evaluated their pool for the coveted final roster slots.

From this pool, only 27 athletes have made the team. Seven members are needed for each of the team-based games: Dota2, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Two members each will make up the rest of the games: StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, and Tekken 7.

These are the 27 athletes that comprise Sibol:


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Kenneth Jiane ‘Kenji’ Villa

Karl Gabriel ‘KarlTzy’ Nepomuceno

Carlito ‘Ribo’ Ribo

Jeniel ‘Haze’ Bata-anon

Angelo Kyle ‘Pheww’ Arcangel

Allan Sancio ‘Lusty’ Castromayor

Jason Rafael ‘Jay’ Torculas


Dota 2

Mc Nicholson ‘Mc’ Villanueva

John Anthony ‘Natsumi’ Vargas

Jun ‘Bok’ Kanehara

Marvin Salvador ‘Boomy’ Rushton

Bryle Jacob ‘CML’ Alvizo

Van Jerico ‘Van’ Manalaysay

James Erice ‘Erice’ Guerra


Arena of Valor

Kevin Kio ‘Gambit’ Dizon

Jeremiah ‘1717’ Camarillo

Jevan Lorenzo ‘Bents’ Delos Santos

Lawrence Anthony ‘Rubixx’ Gatmaitan

Miguel Klarenz ‘Miggie’ Banaag

Bradie Ryan ‘Yats’ Velasquez

Kyle Jepherson ‘Vindiicated’ Padlan


StarCraft II

Justin ‘NuksPH’ Santos

Caviar ‘Enderr’ Acampado



Dustin ‘WaningMoon’ Mangulabnan

Jacinta ‘Jia’ Dee


Tekken 7

Andreij Hosea ‘Doujin’ Albar

Alexandre Gabrielle ‘AK’ Laverez


The road to the 30th SEA Games has been a long and challenging one, but for us Filipinos, it’s been a long time coming. Our esports beginnings have developed a strong foundation in our athletes, who all showcase, skill, passion, and competition. From here, the Sibol team will be tested and trained by their coaches, in an effort to mold them all into solid individuals and teams with their eyes on one thing: SEA Games gold. The catchphrase ‘Lakad Matatag’ embodies the Sibol athletes, entering the battlefield with pride and confidence.

They are not without support however, as the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Esports Union (PSEU) has teamed up with the country’s biggest network, Smart, as the official presenter for Sibol. The communications network provider is no stranger to gaming and esports, offering products and services to the Filipino gamer, as well as an open supporter of events that cater to the gaming market.

“Esports in the SEA Games is not just about making history; it is about building the foundation for all our young Filipinos who aspire to represent our country on a world stage. The athletes of Sibol are not just pioneers, they are our country’s pride. We at Smart wholly support our athletes in their SEA Games journey,” Alfredo S. Panlilio, President of Smart Communications, Inc., said in a comment.

Razer, the official esports partner for the Games, is also present to help in Sibol’s training and preparation. The PSEU, with recommendations from the coaches and managers, will be crafting programs for the athletes in their respective games, including sending them to tournaments within Southeast Asia in hopes to gain more knowledge against their peers and prepare appropriately.

“We have taken a very big step in history. Not only are we having esports as part of the SEA Games, we have formed the team that will carry our nation to greatness. I wish for these athletes to always remain proud and committed to the goal of carrying the nation to SEA Games gold,” said PSEU co-Chairman Jane J. Basas.

Local TV and cable channels have also pledged support in the Sibol effort. TV5 and Cignal are no strangers to this rapidly-growing industry, as they have been airing the biggest esports tournaments on free TV and high definition cable. As the official broadcasters for the 30th SEA Games, expect TV5, Cignal, and their various channels to bring the action into your homes.

For more information about Sibol, head over to the Sibol Esports Facebook page (FB.com/SIBOLesports). Additional updates on the team and more information can be found on the official website SIBOLesports.ph and on the other social media pages (Twitter, Instagram) @SIBOLesports.


About Sibol

Sibol is the name of the Philippine national esports team. It will be competing in all six titles featured in the esports event of the 30th Southeast Asian Games – Dota 2, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Tekken 7. With the help of Razer, the official esports partner of the 30th Southeast Asian Games, this will be the first time in history that esports is included as a medaled sport in any international gaming event


About the PSEU

PSEU is the union of the Esports National Association of the Philippines (ESNAP) and the National Electronic Sports Federation of the Philippines (NESFP). The group, who is under the Philippine Olympic Committee, is determined to make Sibol a representation of the country’s best gamers and athletes.

Aside from creating Sibol, PSEU is also in charge of mounting the esports competition in the 30th SEA Games.

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