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Marvel Reportedly Cancels Future Foundation

Bleeding Cool reports that the current volume of Future Foundation has been cancelled despite good reviews and surprising twists.

According to their post, Future Foundation was cancelled just before the release of the first issue which was written by Jeremy Whitely and art by Will Robson and Paco Diaz.

This is ofcourse the adventures of Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards, the kids of Mr Fantastic Reed Richards and Invisible Woman, Sue Richards. They are joined by their classmates who they have been with even before the events of Secret Wars.

Now according to Bleeding Cool, the reason for the cancellation was anticipated sales which would be poor. They never factored in how the book would have big concepts and big characters that may generate some positive buzz including the evil Reed Richards known as The Maker…

And in issue 2, the female Rikki Barnes from the Heroes Reborn universe…

Its too early to have a solid fan base and too late to really get people making anyway to stop the cancellation. I suppose this was a case of a little too late.

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