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The Justice Society of America Returns (Justice League # 30 Spoiler)

Major Justice League # 30 spoiler and it involves the return of the classic superhero team, the Justice Society of America or the JSA!

In Justice League # 30 by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV with art by Jorge Jimenez, we have the Justice/Doom War part 1 with both the Justice League and the Legion of Doom making their final preparations to go to war. The League has a last ditch plan to stop Perpetua from resetting the universe while the Legion aims to make sure the League fails.

The League’s plan was to get two fragments of the Cosmic Rod to be able to use it with Starman’s cosmic rod to be able to power it enough to beat Perpetua. The two fragments are located in the past and the future. Flash and Green Lantern John Stewart goes to the past with the goal of getting the fragment. But the mission is sabotaged the moment they step into their time portal.

The world in the past that they land in has some differences including brandishing the symbol of the Totality. But it’s definitely in the past.

And if you know your JSA lore, you know that Barry and John landed in the Brownstone of the Justice Society of America and these dudes don’t take kindly to intruders.

It also looks very intentional that they sent over Barry and John to the past because they have Golden Age counterparts working with the JSA namely Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, also two of the Society’s “Big Three”.

This world seems to be tampered to some extent so it would be really interesting to see how things would pan out especially with Barry and John Stewart reaching out to their older counterparts.

Also its nice to know that the JSA are indeed still part of the DC Universe despite all the changes brought about by the New 52. There is one lingering question though… how would they address the current state of Jay Garrick, who appeared and was recaptured during the Batman/Flash storyline “The Button”…

Maybe they’ll bring in the 1950s JSA to the current setup and then bring them back once they win the war against the Legion. Or maybe these old timers could set up shop in the current world, with their old timeline destroyed by Lex Luthor and Perpetua. Woof. So many questions.

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