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Kit Harrington Cast as Black Knight for Marvel’s The Eternals

Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow knows a thing or two about being a knight and chosen one. And he’s damn good at it. Now he’ll be swinging a sword once again this time for Marvel Studios upcoming film The Eternals.

Harrington is no surprise as a new addition to the character, whose name has already been dropped as early as Avengers: Endgame.

The character has been a member of the Avengers in the 90s and was even front and center during the Avengers and X-Men crossover “Blood Ties”.

He has sporadically appeared in other books through the years with his Ebony Blade.

The most recent I remember him was in Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman’s War of the Realms where he joined the fight against Malekith’s forces in UK.

Oh and did yoi know that there was a brief moment when he lost his Ebony Blade here in this event as well as throughout his publishing history? There was even one time that he resorted to using a lightsaber…

And his winged horse also loves to appear and disappear once in a while.

But why was he included in The Eternals of all places?

No solid quotes yet but I like to think that Dane Whitman aka Black Knight easily strolls the path between tech and mysticism, a key element in the world of the Eternals.

Jon Snow is also good at playing the reluctant hero in Game of Thrones and that can quite easily translate in the new Marvel Studios movie.

And thanks to years of training in GoT, Harrington can easily adapt to the all the demanding fight scenes for the movie. Wouldn’t be surprised if we do a retracing of the “Battle of the Bastards” with deviants replacing Ramsey Bolton’s army.

The Eternals is coming to cinemas next year and will star Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and A whole lot more.

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  1. April 21, 2021

    […] joining the MCU and Marvel Studios also marks the third big Game of Thrones alum with Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) already set to play Dane Whitman in The Eternals as well as his “brother” […]

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