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Join the action-packed, humor-filled adventures of Vic and Stu in Stuber

Explosive shootouts, a wild, edge-of-your-seat ride, plus humor and heart—all these and more make-up Twentieth Century Fox’s Stuber, top-billed by professional wresting superstar Dave Bautista, all-around funny man Kumail Nanjani, and directed by Michael Dowse.

Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) is a chatty, mild-mannered, risk-averse Millennial who works in a sporting goods store by day while moonlighting as an Uber driver. He’ll do just about anything to save his five-star driver’s rating.

Meanwhile, Vic Manning (Dave Bautista) is a divorced, middle aged, old school, alpha detective who refuses to accept that age and years of abuse has taken its toll on his body. Averse to conversations and the use of gadgets and technology, Vic possesses a seemingly dangerous combo of a quick temper and a quick hand on the trigger.

Leaving his eye doctor’s office following Lasik surgery, Vic receives a tip on the whereabouts of the drug dealer who murdered his partner. Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t have been more wrong as Vic can’t actually see a thing on the night of his biggest bust yet. Eyes blurry and unable to drive himself, Vic calls for an Uber, and who else but Stu would take his call!

“I always knew based on the name Stuber that this would be an action comedy,” says screenwriter Tripper Clancy “And the buddy cop genre is a personal favorite.”

“After I read this script I thought it was the perfect recipe where you could do something that had a lot of heart and a lot of comedy,” says director Michael Dowse. ”But I thought the action sequences could work really well and all of these pieces could sort of feed into each other to make a pretty unique film.”


As for the two lead characters, their polar-opposite personalities forced to work together make for an excellent bromance team-up.

One, an ageing cop hot on the trail of a brutal killer who exudes the penultimate tough guy persona: buffed and with an intimidating physique; always alert and on attack mode. The other, a hapless Millennial Uber drive who’s mild-mannered and thrust into an ordeal that will change his life forever. Both characters offering explorations into masculinity and meaningful life lessons.

The result is a thrill of a movie, perfect for that boys’ night out with your gang, that Variety describes as a “wildly irreverent crash-test action comedy” with a “deliciously antagonistic chemistry between Bautista and Nanjiani.”

Stuber hits Philippine theatres on August 21, Wednesday.

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