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Tom Holland Goes on Hike with Robert Downey amidst Spidey controversy

So where’s Spider-Man actor Tom Holland amidst all the controversy around the character and the ugly divorce between Sony Pictures and Disney?

Apparently he went on a hiking trip with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. Check out these photos he posted on his Instagram account earlier today!

If you’re not aware of what’s happening, Spider-Man is currently hands off for Disney after Disney and Sony Pictures had an impasse over splitting the earnings for future Spider-Man movies. That means there’s no Spider-Man in the MCU while there’s no deal at the table. Apparently, Disney wants to get 50/50 moving forward; a big leap from the original deal they cut with Sony a few years back.

The British actor who last appeared as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home reportedly unfollowed Sony Pictures too on Instagram, probably as a sign of disappointment.

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