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Funko Pop Collector Shares Pops Destroyed by Partner after Argument

One of the worst things a collector can experience is getting home and seeing his or her collection ruined by their partner. This was the case of Funko Pop collector that was shared on a Pop collector group.

And I understand why this had a “graphic image” line because this is definitely cringe-worthy.The important context is in Filipino but it translates to “my partner and I had an argument and when I get home, I see 20 pieces of pops in this condition.”Check out the rest of the photos that was shared and be ready to cry, especially if you’re a collector or hobbyist.

Also as a disclaimer, I’ve been spending half the day trying to find the OP of this story but I couldn’t find it. So far, I’m only seeing the cropped version of the story. So to anybody reading this and you know who the original poster is, please feel free to leave a comment below at the comment section of this blog.

So not only did the Funko pop figures get desecrated, the boxes and the BOSS protectors also became casualties of the partner’s anger as you can see in the two photos above.

More photos of the damage on these poor, helpless Funko Pop figures.

On a side note, I never knew that the Sanji Funko Pop had this insane level of details. I may have to pickup all the One Piece stuff now thanks to the Sanji Pop figure. I believe these figures are still fairly easy to obtain despite the release date.

And it looks like the Chrome colored Loki got the most damage, with the headdress obviously removed from the figure before being discarded.

Poor guy.

Really hope this gets sorted out and I hope this doesn’t happen to him again. That argument could have been nuclear in proportions for the partner to really lash out on the hapless collection like that.

Our collective hearts go to collector dude.

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