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5 Things to Know about Huawei’s Harmony OS

Remember that shitty time for Huawei when the US pretty much ghosted them? Well between then and now, they’ve bounced back HARD and last week, they invited A LOT of people to the launch of their new OS, the Harmony OS, which was rumored to have a different name before.

Here are 5 things to know about Huawei’s HarmonyOS

  1. It’s not a going to be Android 2.0 at all.

During the presentation in China, the HarmonyOS was defined as “a microkernel-based OS, distributed OS for all scenarios.”  Very vague yes, but they want it that way. There are a lot of news sites that this new “android killer” will have a smoother UI or user interface.

2. First Products to Run Harmony won’t be Smartphones

In a surprising twist, its also been announced that the first products which will run with this new OS would be the upcoming waves of Huawei Smart TVs and the Honor Smart Screen. No official word on which models will be released but that’s completely “different”.

3. Not Compatible with Android BUT

The whole reveal felt like them showing “big dick energy” with a slight tinge of wanting to scare Google. Not only did Huawei reportedly “thrash talk” Google and Android during their Chinese-exclusive keynote, they also advanced then backed up a bit with the topic of apps. Its reported that they are adamant that Harmony OS won’t run any Google Android app on their system. But they are hinting that there could be some form of conversions that could be used to run these apps. Because they know too that starting from the ground up, so late in the game would cost them money and a high chance of failing.

4. The Gameplan is an Ecosystem

Much like the products in the west, Huawei wants to be the frontliner when it comes to smart ecosystems and households and they plan to make Harmony integral to that. So don’t be surprised to see various products from wearables to home appliances that are all connected to a central Harmony Hub, much like how things are going in the US and other parts of the Western Hemisphere.

5. Not Ditching Google

Its interesting to note that this whole event was a weird flex; they wanted to show that they are capable and ready (which was already in the works as long as 10 years ago) but they are not giving up on Google or Android OS at all. There were several quotes that surfaced quoted Huawei’s Richard Yu stating that they are not dropping Android for the smartphones and that Harmony OS was merely a backup plan if ever things go awry.

What do you guys think of Hongmeng aka Harmony OS? Is this something you would be integrating if it ever gets popular or will you stick with Google?


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