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Titans Season 2 Trailer 1 Introduces New Team, Superboy, Deathstroke and Krypto

Hype has begun for the upcoming Titans season 2 with the first trailer now available to view online and its got a lot of things going including the appearance of Superboy, Krypto, Deathstroke the Terminator and even Ser Jorah as Bruce Wayne.

So we know the DC Universe’s series will be introducing a lot of new characters and bring in some characters who just made an appearance last season. Donna Troy for example only made a few appearances last season and it looks like she’ll be a series regular still just make regular appearances throughout the show.  Also Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne can be seen in the trailer talking to Brenton Thwaites’ Robin/ Nightwing.

Check out some of the posters for Titans which was released in SDCC 2019…


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