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SDCC 2019: Brandon Routh Returns as Superman for Arrowverse, with a twist

It has been sometime since actor Brandon Routh was seen as Superman. Nowadays we know him as Ray Palmer aka The Atom in the CW series Legends of Tomorrow. But its been revealed in SDCC 2019 that he will be returning as Superman once more.

Routh was the Superman in the early 2000s were he played the role of Superman and Clark Kent in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns opposite Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor.

Below you’ll see another photo of Routh revealing his Kingdom Come Superman shirt during the CW/ Arrowverse panel at SDCC 2019.

Kingdom Come is the classic story written by Mark Waid with art by Alex Ross set in a distant future where the young heroes have become ruthless and violent forcing the older generation led by Superman to leave retirement and force these young upstarts.

In between this, there’s also Batman and Lex Luthor’s groups with their agendas.

The CW aka the Arrowverse is going through a new crossover called Crisis on Infinite Earths which will involves Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. New series Batwoman will be joining the story as well with Ruby Rose as Batwoman leading front and center.

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