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Medicom has released official images for their upcoming release, the MAFEX Batman Hush figure from the popular story written by Jeph Loeb with art by Jim Lee! And I tell, this figure rocks!

So what do we know about the figure so far. For starters, the MAFEX Batman stands at 6.3-inches tall. It will also have the following accessories:

  • Unmasked Bruce Wayne head
  • Grappling gun
  • an extra pair of hands
  • Batarangs

The cape is also something to note as it would be a wired cape to make for maximum poseability together with the Batman action figure.

MAFEX Batman Hush Gallery:

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The MAFEX Batman figure will be released April 2020 and will retail for ¥7800 (approx. $72 USD).

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