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X-23’s Sister Honey Badger has a new costume and codename

One of the fairly recent breakout characters from the X-Books, Honey Badger gets an updated costume and codename as seen in X-23 # 12.

Honey badger x-23

This happened in X-23 issue 12 which will also be one of the last few issues for the book before the X-Men gets a new relaunch under Jonathan Hickman’s careful writing.

In this story, Gabby and Laura Kinney aka X-23 join forces to bring down this group that took to selling X-Turkeys. They recently parted ways because they had clashing ideas on how to deal with the products of Assassin X, a program which bred robot-clones of Laura.

After they take down Harvest’s train and turkeys and Gabby takes down the Assassin X program, the two sisters make amends and they get back together.

At the end, Gabby decides to change her codename and costume in honor of another fallen Laura clone called Assassin X.

So now Gabby should be referred to as Scout and she has a few of her fallen sister’s identifiers in her new costume.

To be honest, I like the old costume and the old monicker. Honey Badger gave the impression that she was part of the Wolverine family albeit a distant one. Scout reads more like a traditional military themed hero name.

No problem with the costume, but I really wish we could see her using her classic mask. I dunno, I like that mask.

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