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Doctor Manhattan Screws the DC Universe starting with Alan Scott (Doomsday Clock # 10)

Spoilers for Doomsday Clock # 10 this week starting with this important moment in the DC Universe which gets screwed by Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan.

Still as usual, the book was written by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank. And we don’t really go all out with this issue in the present time. We rather have a rehash of what we’ve seen in Alan Moore’s Watchmen where we dedicate a book for Manhattan’s exposition and monologue. This time he ties up everything neatly from the Carver Colman angle, to the the multiple history of the DC Universe and that’s when he decides to tinker with this universe’s history by taking out Alan Scott aka the first Green Lantern in the DC Universe.


After seeing Superman for the first time during the Action Comics era, Manhattan travels to the past to distort history. He phases in time to see Scott grab hold of the Green Lantern power battery and save himself from death by train crash.

Manhattan wanted to see how HE could influence the lives of this universe and in an act of hubris, he takes away the Green Lantern power battery away from Alan Scott just as the train crashes, effectively having a hand in his death. However, Scott’s death impacts everything and with that, there was never a Legion of Superheroes and there never came a Golden Age Justice Society of America.

And if you pay attention to the panels on the left side of the page above, you’ll notice that Superman disappears and that’s because that version of Superman, heavily influenced by the Legion did not exist anymore. Good thing the universe is fighting back with everything we got so that’s why we have Superman Rebirth (the storyline).

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