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Kenny Omega as Kirito from Sword Art Online

AEW’s main event for their first ever PPV “Double or Nothing” drew in massive crowds because its the Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho rematch. What we weren’t expecting was The Cleaner making his way to the ring with something based on Sword Art Online.

You can watch Kenny Omega as Kirito as he enters the ring in the YT video below:

Really, the only thing missing are those two swords…

Nobody’s a bigger fanboy than Kenny Omega. He plays fighting games on his down time and even did a match with Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed.

During his New Japan days, he was seen doing crazy Street Fighter stuff…

He does all sorts of weab stuff which was really loveable and amusing.

Anyway, Kirito was just half of the exciting part because his match with Chris Jericho was really good.

What are your thoughts on Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho? Leave a comment below.

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