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War of the Realms Uncanny X-Men # 2 Spoilers – Sabretooth Kidnaps X-Men

Sabretooth is back as a bad guy again and he’s joined the forces of Malekith in War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men # 2.

In this issue, we pick up with the X-Men sometime after being stranded in New York City after following Dani Moonstar (around the same time as Issue # 2). For this issue, it looks like it has been at least a week since things have gone downhill.

The X-Men have set up a nice sanctuary in Queens with Cyclops, Havok, Moonstar, Jamie Madrox, Karma and Banshee. Meanwhile there’s a second team operating around New York and that includes Wolfsbane, Hope Summers, Sunspot and a Jamie Madrox dupe.

Now when the two groups reunite, the feral mutant Sabretooth makes an appearance with his wolfpack and a bunch of giants.

Since there’s no Wolverine, Rahne takes the fight to Sabretooth while her other teammates fight the other creatures that Victor Creed brought along with him.

You gotta love Rambo Hope Summers blowing up Dark Elves like there’s no tomorrow.

Creed and his hounds make a quick retreat…

The X-Men are too late to realize what has happened and the next page confirms e erybody’s worst fear, Sabretooth has kidnapped Wolfsbane aka Rahne Sinclaire and she’s not the only New Mutant in there too.


That’s just cold. Also I wonder how this happened?

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