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Looks like comics Thor is dual-wielding weapons like MCU Thor (War of the Realms # 4)

It looks like the comic book version of Thor Odinson is doing the whole dual-wielding-weapon thing now just like the MCU version portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in Avengers: Endgame. Spoilers for War of the Realms # 4 by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman.

So there’s a lot that happened in this series and it’s only the fourth issue. Spoiler alert by the way…

spoiler alert photo

In War of the Realms # 1, Thor is tricked by Malekith and sent to Jotunheim to go on a frost giant killing spree. He was also zapped there because he’s the only one who can truly stop Malekith from sending his forces to Midgard.

Without Thor and his powers, The Avengers fail to save the world and Malekith and his forces takeover the world. In issue 2, the heroes make a valiant escape from the realm with most of New York transported to a pocket dimension while some get sent over to Avengers Mountain.

Freyja tasks a few Avengers led by Captain America to rescue Thor in Jotunheim. And splits the forces into various strike teams to deal with various problems around the world.

In War of the Realms issue 3, Captain America, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Wolverine and Spider-Man finally find Thor but he’s in bad shape and has also gone into Warriors Rage.

In War of the Realms # 4, the team finally succeed in bringing back Thor using the Black Bifrost.

Later, as things go from bad to worst, the heroes once again gather in Avengers Mountain and they plan their attack with the new All-Mother, Jane Foster, doing the rallying. But that’s when Thor finally gets out from the infirmary, recovered and ready to fight back.

We also see him now doing two weapons instead of the traditional one. Of course, he still has a hammer but it’s no longer mjolnir. It’s partially enchanted still so it’s pretty powerful. On the other hand, he is also brandishing the Celestial-killing axe known as Jarnbjorn, which he used when he was a kid (as seen in Uncanny Avengers and Aaron’s initial Thor run).

Maybe this was just a coincidence. Either way, its a beautiful thing to see both the comic book and the movie version of Thor going into battle with two weapons, even if its just on a temporary basis.

thor endgame charging

War of the Realms # 4 is currently out now in stores.

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