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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 The Last of the Starks Spoiler Review

What an episode! Here are my thoughts for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 The Last of the Starks spoiler review which aired today on HBO. Bear in mind that this is a spoilers, so please don’t click on this, or even read this if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Before we continue with this Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 The Last of the Starks Spoiler Review, here’s a spoiler alert. Everything beyond this is in spoiler territory OK?

OK, so where to start.

Ah, right. This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions and fanservice. It’s also damn long and it hurts to watch it (in more ways than one). Just like the Game of Thrones of old, fans witness deaths, betrayals and sex all withing the 80 minute runtime. But does it make us feel good or does this just give us creeping sense of dread of what’s to come in the season and the series’ last two episodes? I’m going with the latter here.

Season 8 Episode 4 has everything Game of Thrones and at the same time lost everything Game of Thrones. There’s a lot of fanservice here from Jamie Lannister and Ser Brienne of Tarth finally, FINALLY hooking up (which they call the “Oathsex”)

To the final fate of the direwolf Ghost, to the fate of other characters who survived The Long Night.

There’s also the deaths of Missandei, Daenery’s long time friend and assistant as well as the Dragon Rhaegar, who fell victim to Euron Greyjoy’s new anti-dragon weapon. There’s that tense moment when Cersei Lannister almost has her brother Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) shot by arrows. There’s that heartbreaking yet tender moment between Jon Snow and Daenerys, where she pleads for him to keep the secret of his birthright from his siblings.

And there’s the road the Cleganebowl!

Another thing to like about this week’s episode is the fact that they did a nice little farewell to the characters who died including Jorah Mormont and Lyanna Mormont.

game of thrones episode 4 season 8 dany and jorah

Game of Thrones / HBO

There’s also a third option for this The Last of the Starks spoiler review and that’s Game of Thrones is devolving into a shitstorm. Not the most popular opinion out there, but its an opinion by fans and one that I’m really looking into. Here’s why:

  • They have skewed the characterization of Dani for this season. Gone was the headstrong woman who listens to counsel and gives off grace and majesty. The woman who really worked hard for where she is right now. For this season (and this is my opinion by the way), she’s slowly becoming bratty and obnoxious and ummm… unwise with her decisions.
  • Jon Snow still knows nothing. He wants to do this and that but he’s unsure whether he can actually have the right stuff to do it. But then again, this could be a character beat.
  • Tyrion Lannister is diminished in his role as The Hand; as a character though, he’s arc is moving up from the slump he had ever since the Khaleesi rolled into Winterfell with her Unsullied and Dothraki. Him doing that little conversation with Lord Varys felt like the only real “Game of Thrones” thing, guided by George R.R. Martin, to me.
  • Jamie Lannister looked like a damn fuccboi (but that’s not really beyond him as a whole)
  • I’m pissed Bronn only made an appearance in this episode rather than be utilized as a guest star. But his line was meta as heck. His fighting days are behind him, but he’s still got a few more killing days in him.

The way they did the whole killing of Rhaegar and Missandei also felt that it could have been better. But it wasn’t. It’s also very convenient for them to have shot Rhaegar when Dany was with Drogon; a fitting target.

The colors are also better for this episode. I hope we don’t read negative comments about how dark this episode was.

Still, as it stands, Game of Thrones S8E4 The Last of the Starks spoiler review goes, this was a nicely done episode. Cinematography was a lot better, they had a Starbucks guffaw in, some great appearances and character developments.

Overall, the episode had a lot of good fanservice-y moments, harkens back to previous seasons and at the same time managing to infuriate some fans with some lopsided actions and inaction. Maybe this gets better with the next episode, but I have a feeling it won’t.

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