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Daredevil Gets Heimdall’s Powers – War of the Realms War Scrolls # 1

Marvel has teased that Daredevil will be getting new powers at the start of War of the Realms and this is truly the case as the hero was recently spotted brandishing Asgardian Heimdal’s sword and having his sight restored to some effect.

In the story for War Scrolls, Daredevil catches up with a bunch of giants as they are about to chow down on humans hiding in a church.

Before laying a hand on these humans though, Daredevil chops off the giant’s hand and starts a fight.

It’s a short lived fight too as Matt Murdock makes quick work on them, all the while telling readers how things are different now with the sight he has been blessed. We even see him showing off against another giant as we see him analyzing his moves.

Not only does Daredevil have Heimdal’s sight powers and his sword, he apparently also gained the ability to create portals to transport people to safety.

He also finds out in War Scrolld # 1 that Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin is still in the city and may still be alive after his helicopter crashed a while back.

Turns out that they were right. Wilson Fisk is indeed ive but is being held captive by the dark elf Malekith and being beaten up by Kurse.

How will this pan out for the newly minted god Daredevil?

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