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Police Shut Down Lepin Factory

Reports have come up that the fake LEGO brick company Lepin has had its factory raided by Chinese authorities. And based on the photos that circulated online, it wasn’t just a raid on the Lepin factory, it was a complete takedown.

According to stories online, LEGO has been legally trying to bring down Lepin for two years now and it was only recently that the case had moved, which resulted in the takedown.

During the raid, four people had been apprehended by the police including the alleged owner of the Lepin distribution and brand name in China.

It’s also been reported that the products seized in the factory is worth millions and would have been sold all over the world. Interestingly enough, you could see that they weren’t just reproducing the popular LEGO sets but everything and anything they can make including major licenses like Star Wars and LEGO’s own products and IPs like Ninjago.

I’m also surprised they pirated Technic sets and even recent ones like The LEGO Movie 2.

Oh wow, they were mass producing semi-accurate Captain Marvel minifigs as well.

Really glad that LEGO has this maker resolved, now they can start working on the 300 plus other imitators out in the market today. Will feel sad though that there won’t be a massive Death Star LEGO set which you can get for just Php3000+ rather than the expensive Php15,000 price tag.

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