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TRENDING: Christian Hotel Requiring Marriage Proof Before Check In, Uses Halik Photo too

So there’s a hotel here that abides with strict Christian codes which requires potential guests to show proof od marriage before they can actually check in.

In the photo above, which also shamelessly takes a photo from ABS-CBN’s prime time show “Halik”. That show which stars Jericho Rosales, Yen Santos, Yam Concepcion and Sam Milby.

In essence, they want their guests to be married before they can get a shared room in the hotel. So that means boyfriend-girlfriends are a big no no.

If a married couple does check in, they also need to show proof.

Have to admit though, they are ballsy with their admission that they stand to lose business with their decision but they want to set a standard.

Good job on that end.

So what do you guys think of this?

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