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Here’s Proof that Iain Glen as Batman Can Work

Yesterday we reported that Deadline broke the news that DC Universe has cast Iain Glen as Batman. Sure it could be hard to see Jorah Mormont as the Dark Knight but thanks to Paolo Ollero and his post in The Dark Knight PH group on Facebook, we’re not as blind as a bat anymore.

Glen has been in a number of geek related tv series and movies including Resident Evil and Game of Thrones where he plays Jorah Mormont, a staunch ally of Daenerys Targaryen.

In his casting for Titans season 2, he is expected to play a Batman/ Bruce Wayne who spent decades fighting his war on crime. And now he wants to patch things up with Brenton Thwaites’ Robin/ Dick Grayson and see how he can help the Titans.

So while we’re used to seeing black haired beefcakes play Bruce Wayne and Batman like Ben Affleck or Michael Keaton, we have yet to see an older actor play the caped crusader. So going back to Mr. Ollero’s post he posted a photo of Glen as Jorah Mormont side by side with art from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight returns.

Iain Glen as Batman

Physique is still up in the air but the facial features and demeanor is definitely there.

So Iain Glen as Batman. Big check for us here.

You can definitely join the discussion over at The Dark Knight PH on Facebook.

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