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Branded Cabinets vs DIY Cabinets – the Pros and Cons

As an adult, you slowly change what you perceive to be important. Like when I was younger and before getting hitched and becoming a dad, I find myself splurging on comic books and toys and video games i.e. all the stuff that I still blog about these days. Things have changed though and I look at the more important things in life which are still comics, games and toys. Kidding aside, you start to see the world with “responsible adult” eyes and you pay more attention to what should make your little dominion better; for yourself, your queen and your little prince or princess. One such thing comes in the form of cabinets. I never thought there would come a time when I actually had to mull over which type of cabinet to get. But there I was there and then. So, to help you moms and dads out there, here’s a comparative post between Branded Cabinets vs DIY Cabinets.




Branded cabinets or the cabinets you can buy from stores like MC Home Depot, are there for a purpose. But the main purpose is for buyers to buy them at any given time. Like, you go to a store, look around and find the right cabinet that fits your budget and your style. The pros for buying these cabinets is that you get some form of warranty. Branded cabinets have also passed through quality control, so there’s a very small possibility that the cabinet would be damaged.


One of the major cons about buying branded cabinets comes in the form of not being able to get what you really want. Sure you could settle for what’s available but when it comes to buying furniture and appliances, do you really want to just “settle”. Store-bought cabinets can also be very expensive, but that’s because they used fine materials to create it right? Wrong. There are a lot of cases that store-bought cabinets used regular or even sub-par materials and yet gets sold off at a very high price. Not saying this is always the case but there will be a higher chance that this can happen so you need to be cautious too.


Credits: Domestic Imperfection


For this Branded Cabinets vs DIY Cabinets post lets look at the pros of getting DIY or do-it-yourself. DIY cabinets are great because you actually get the type of cabinet you want. Because you’ll be making it yourself, you know the dimensions and the look that you’ll need.

You also get to save money because you buy the materials yourself, meaning you could look for the same high quality materials at a fraction of the cost that the branded cabinets used for theirs.

Credits: Domestic Imperfection

But the best “Pro” that you can get from going the DIY route for your cabinet is the sense of fulfillment you get during and after the creation of the furniture. It pumps you up to see that there ares progress with your work and that can certainly have a positive impact on your life. This is also the main reason why DIYs are getting more and more popular around the world.


When getting or creating DIY cabinets the ugly truth is that you can make a lot of mistakes. You made a slight error in the measurements and that cabinet you’ve been working on for weeks won’t fit the spot you intended it to be.

Because you’re also tapping into raw materials, there’s also a chance that you may spend more than your intended budget. There have been some cases shared online where the finished product cost twice the amount to buy one cabinet from a store.

So there you have it, Branded Cabinets vs DIY Cabinets. Check out more stuff here on the website or follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more content including geeky ones.

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