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This Japanese Plane Goes Infinity and Beyond with Toy Story Themed Exterior and Interior

Wanna board a plane that has a Toy Story theme? Check out this plane for a Japanese airline company with Toy Story plastered both inside and outside.

This flight will definitely bring people to “infinity and beyond”.

Here’s another look at the exterior of this plane with Buzz Lightyear again, from a different angle.

The interiors are also based on other Toy Story characters like Woody and even Rex.

It looks like the top photo is for first class while the photo posted below is for economy class.


And while we have a slim chance of actually getting on this plane, we can be sure of catching Toy Story 4 when it opens later this year. The film will feature the voices of Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz once more. This time they are off to save a new toy called Forky and finds the long lost Bo Peep while they’re at it.

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