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Marvel Future Fight Update Goes X-Force with Warpath, Sabretooth and Juggernaut

The latest update for MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT goes visceral with their X-Force updates featuring new characters Warpath, Sabretooth and Juggernaut.

There are also some new costumes for current characters in the Netmarble game.

Here’s the welcome screen, which updates us on everything new with this  current version of the game.

Here are the additions for this update.


Warpath has been a long standing member of X-Force. He was around when Cable was running the unit and was even around when Wolverine was leading them to kill potential threats to mutants. He’s currently serving the young Cable in the current iteration of X-Force.


Sabretooth just got his good side removed and he’s back to being a Savage killer. He’s also just done playing leader for his team of killers known as Weapon X. He has yet to meet Wolverine who has just returned from the dead.


Ya got me. I have no clue where Juggernaut is in the comics now. The last I remember seeing him was back in X-Men Blue where he was played like a toy by the Young Original Five X-Men. That’s it. I don’t remember anything about them.

They also have new costumes for existing characters, all following the X-Force theme.



Deadpool changed his costume when he joined Uncanny X-Force which was a team composed of him, Wolverine, Archangel, Psyclocke and Fantomex.


Wolverine’s costume is currently on sale for 1079 crystals. Let me alot a separate post to focus on new skills and whatever the hell they added as bonus for the X-Force costumes.

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